Anurag Papolu

Full-Stack Developer
CS @ UC Berkeley



SWE Intern, Summer 2019

  • Full stack developer on the MongoDB Atlas product working with Java and React
  • Enabled Atlas users to securely connect to their databases without a password via X509 certificates
  • Added UI features to simplify X509 certificate management for users of Atlas’s web portal

SWE Intern, Summer 2018

  • Full-stack developer on the Uber Freight product working with Go, SQL, and React
  • Built email reminder systems to relay payment information to Uber Freight truck drivers
  • Collaborated with UI/UX designers to add features to the Uber Freight Operations team’s internal dashboard

Co-Founder, Summer 2017

  • Launched VC-backed startup ( seeking to revamp the document feedback process
  • Built the app using Meteor, React, MongoDB, Amazon S3 and EC2


DiversaTech Consulting - Twitter, AirBnb

Fall 2018, Fall 2019

  • Analyzed AirBnb’s current host verification system and researched possible improvements
  • Researched opportunities to integrate partnerships and third-party content to increase Twitter's user engagement

Fall 2016

  • Created a Meteor app to streamline communication between doctors and patients with mental illnesses
  • Winner of MHacks 8’s Best Medicare Adherence App

Fall 2017

  • Created a web application that uses IBM Watson’s language processing API and Chart.js to graph an author’s bias and tone in a particular article
  • Allows users to compare biases among different news sources